Collect Poems – A partnership project for publishers in different countries

The action at the basis of the project is to build a partnership within a company of little publisher engaged in promoting emancipation literature, with the aim to realize improved version of the magazine EUR/OPEN, creating “Collect Poems” (open also, for paintings or photo, to “Visual Poetry”) in an inclusive approach to external sources, into the framework of a EU translation project (see above).

This cooperation is something that we strongly feel as important, even beyond the specific border of the EU program, and may be realized also as private economy, being not oriented to create costs, but opportunities. What we ask you about this first point is just to share the purposes. The magazine will be realized – in its first asset – as an e-book and eventually by print on demand, so that it will cost nothing at all. The conceptual link with an open language based on the pragma & praxis of internet email & social network communications, which is leading us toward a concept that we find in the beatliterature and its deep roots in the new language from which were born the romance languages during the Middle Age, with the Trobadours tradition. All this may express through the subtitile INTERZONE, so that the complete name of the magazine could be EUR/OPEN INTERZONE.

These lines of cooperation, if they will be fueled by initiatives without cost as described above, they shall be opportunities qualified for grants in EU programs like Creative Europe (which is good to find finance for translations: there is a call already open, with deadline 12 March), Twinning (to create moblity around a cultural theme), Citizenship and more.


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