If we think of globalization, we immediately got the idea of the goods in a supermarket, which come from all over the world. After, maybe we think the internet. But, have you ever thought about the globalization of rights?

Have you ever thought of a world where everyone has a right of citizenship?

In a world where everyone is entitled to a minimum wage?

A world where there is a single currency and a single tax regime?

Where the basic public goods – air, water, food, energy – have hypothecation of the public aim of the maximum spread for their distribution?

And if you were told that you’ve arrived on the pages of an international movement that has these purposes?




  1. “Global City” is therefore a new theoretical concept to study the city as a place of intersection between global and local. The original theoretical work, due to the sociologist Saskia Sassen, shows how many cities in the world have developed within transnational markets and now have more characters in common with each other than with their respective regional or national contexts. Global cities are therefore the central hub for trade, finance, banking, innovations and business opportunities. New York, Tokyo, Paris, London, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai and Miami are cities connected globally but locally disconnected, which define a strategic component of the global economy and territorially identify the processes of power resulting from economic restructuring, marking the issues of power and of inequality arising from the processes of globalization. The node is the emergence of emerging local counterpowers able to balance the system. In order for this to happen, it emerges a new class of intellectuals, able to not waste the knowledge that today control the means of production is the control of the media, and the internet offers the opportunity to build communication through the network, creating the new type of general intellect that shape the global citizen of the twenty-first century, which must be able to demand new rights. We work for it!

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