The essential point is that they have stolen the words. If you say “freedom”, today the word is empty, it means nothing. If you say “protest”, “challenge”, “counter-culture”, all this means nothing. Does not match any value to identify with, no criticism of the system of power, nothing. It’s the mechanism of propaganda, by which  the establishment appropriates the words of his opponents and uses it to its advantage, negating the original meaning to empty them of any sense of any emotional charge of any symbolic value.

Today, long hair have just an aesthetic value, as far as the symbolic value they had in the sixties is irretrievably lost: and this is an easy example to understand how the establishment assimilated everything in serial mode (the Factory of Andy Warhol said that, being both a witness and instrument of this process), without distinction.

At the beginning, with the first era of radio, propaganda was the system for the distribution of the power of thought, to be imposed by the use of force. Propaganda was the cultural politics of Nazism and fascism. Later, with the appearance of television, propaganda has understood that the system of mass media no longer needed the use of force to build subordination (sub-human level, says Huxley), but it was enough to generate a repeated advertising needs induced and desire for conformity among the people.

Through this system the Western democracies were drugged to the point of generating the “soft dictatorship” that allowed to a handful of characters, often false and unscrupulous, driving the national states (and, in Europe, to prevent progress significant in the path of European integration). This situation is not visible until Europe was yet to come to terms with the ghosts of two world wars and as long as that gave substance to welfare policies and public expenditure, with dramatic evidence has emerged since the ’80s, when Reagan (USA) and Thatcher (UK) have resulted in privatization policies that have taken money from the poor to give to the rich. In Italy, it is not a coincidence to come forward in this area has been the component linked to the dynamics of the P2 subversive, especially when you consider what is underlying the P word that stands out in this code: propaganda.

The arrogance of the new financial liberalism today has succeeded in a general crisis of the system that requires new reference points. To counter the dominance of financial speculation, however, that need to ripen the conditions of what Gramsci called a new bough of intellectuals emerging from the middle class, what Marx called “general intellect” and what Hardt and Negri define new internationalism of networking. However, correction of doctrinal interpretations unwanted and do not try, you can not hang exclusively to the stream of historical materialism and the economic supremacy of the interpretation. Already Mazzini, who was a strong supporter of internationalism, the very hour when Marxism was imposed in such a manner, emphasized that it is a serious mistake to give the people an idea of ​​emancipation that is only material and not spiritual.

The propaganda, however, has stolen the words. Today we mean by Enlightenment something far from the triumph of reason. On the contrary, instead of the idea on the ability to formulate their own ideas by itself, the Enlightenment, in the language of propaganda and junk literature that supports it, would be nothing if not a group of conspirators who control the world. In these conditions, it is better to give up the word.

Even “intellectual” is a word burned. However, we can give to the word, but not the function, which is to organize thought.

Today more than ever, because the Internet breaks down barriers. A difference of just 10 years ago, today is given to anyone who can read and write to build a personality capable of relationships that go far beyond local boundaries, and knowing also one write ungrammatical English, it is immediate to structure cosmopolitan international relations.

The crucial point is this: instead of dealing with unessential, it comes to structuring our freedom, our rights, towards a global city.


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