When we say “Roosevelt”, the reference is to not just one but three persons: Theodore  Roosevelt (1858–1919), 26th President of the United States; Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882–1945), 32nd President of the United States; Eleanor Roosevelt (1884–1962), wife of FDR and main protagonist of 1948’s Universal Human Rights Declaration.

Around these names there is always a smell of the legendary legacy with the most relevant experience in a conception of life as an opportunity for everybody to have a progressive fate, a life oriented towards material, psychological and spiritual emancipation and awareness.

As we can say through the Roosevelt Study Center, the Roosevelt ancestry traces back to the seventeenth century and the Province of Zeeland. This is the reason why the Roosevelt Study Center was established in Zeeland’s capital city, Middelburg. In addition to its research and conference programs, the RSC has joined hands with the Roosevelt Stichting (Foundation) to support the biennial presentation of the FDR Four Freedoms Awards in Middelburg and with University College Roosevelt in support of its educational programs that are focused on the Roosevelt era. These three organizations jointly contribute to keeping alive the Roosevelt Legacy and have put Middelburg on the map as “Roosevelt City.”  It is to underline, talking about emancipation and its heritagy in American and European literature, that the RSC hosted the inaugural conference of the European Beat Studies Network.

Something new comes from Italy.  Under the name “Movimento Roosevelt“, new ideas are circulating to contrast and fight the obscurantist mood given by the militaryindustrial complex (a definition you may find on Encyclopedia Britannica) that is running contemporary economy, leading it towards a re-distribution of richness which is producing a new aristocracy reigning over the multitude, using propaganda to make us believe to be free while they are dismantling our rights, our economic possibilities, our future.

MRMovimento Roosevelt reads the last 40 years society’s involution as something that is not just the casual evolution of the economy but, instead, it is the chosen direction given by the conservative élites who decide to change the economic model, attacking the citizen’s rights that European and American people had after second world war, building the model of the inclusive and democratic great society that is the Welfare State.


It is a good point to imagine that all people that are trying to find their way to open their life to freedom and awareness, individually and socially, would have a knowledge and a reference with the Roosevelt’s legacy.



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